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Life of a hanger

The hangers are also lifespan! And the life of the plastic hanger and the solid wood hanger is not the same. After all, it is a different kind of material.
The life span of the solid wood hanger is longer, usually longer than 3-5 years, but it depends on the material and the environment. If the environment temperature is high, the temperature is big or the insect pest, it will shorten the life. If the outside paint is aging quickly, the hardware accessories will become rusty, and it will also end the commercial life ahead of time. In particular, the good wooden hangers are also not suitable for drying clothes hangers, which will accelerate the aging of the protective layer, and then grow moldy and rotten.
And the life of plastic hangers will be aging and grinding because of the materials. Therefore, the commercial life is shorter, usually less than 3 years, and it will be more than 3 years if they are used properly. Poor quality may be less than 1 years. Plastic hanger life is also affected by the material, technology and environment, such as PP material and long service life, good adaptability (but not easy to shrink production process, the use of hardware accessories) is also in the process of oxidation process, if there are paint on aging, high temperature or sun environment will accelerate the aging of paint and plastic, low temperature will make some obvious brittle materials, such as PS material.



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