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Prospects and future of stone processing tools

As everyone knows the general stone hardness is very hard, but also because of its beautiful colors, forms, so it is widely used in our daily life, the use of the number is also growing, role in people's lives have been gradually enlarged, with the development of the construction industry and decoration industry has become a progress. Building materials used are common.

At the same time, degree of hardness of the stone minerals is different, so the processing has certain suffering, put forward higher requirements, the old stone processing tools in general, for a more uniform distribution of particles in stone processing easier, because the overall properties are relatively similar, in the processing time of particles fine flake than those processing easier, material is the mystery than loose processing is easy, so in the choice of any tools and machining parameters selection is particularly important.

Now the general piece of stone processing tools are used is the diamond tool materials, the rapid development of the field of stone processing, for diamond tools also made high demands, not only the requirements of these tools should be cut quickly in the process of cutting stone, the service life is long, but also requires the ability of various all kinds of stone cutting, and cutting quality of higher demands, because of some characteristics of diamond with metal, it can be very good to improve the cutting efficiency and a pound of life and increase the working rate.

Under normal circumstances, because the cutting tool radius is relatively small, so the stone in the process of force is relatively stable, and the quality of the cutting process directly determines the life of the stone. Therefore the development of processing tools will continue to improve.
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