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Afraid of long-term deformation of plastic hangers? These wooden hangers can help you easily

Hangers are indispensable daily necessities for us. Some of them are made of plastic and some of them are made of wood. I didn't know about the wooden hanger before, so I always used the plastic hanger at home. After a long time, I found that the plastic hanger is easy to deform, especially for drying some large and heavy clothes. I couldn't bear the weight at all, so I learned about the wooden hanger on the Internet. Plastic hanger, Fujian plastic hanger, Fujian wooden hanger

Later, I changed the wooden hanger for my family. I felt it was very strong and durable. It would not deform for a long time, and I didn't have to worry that it could not bear the weight of large clothes. Next let small make up recommend a few good wooden hanger to everybody! Plastic hanger, Fujian plastic hanger, Fujian wooden hanger

Recommended products:
1. Chunshui wooden coat hanger
Product Description: Chunshui wooden coat hanger is made of natural solid wood and high manganese steel, with clear and natural log texture, fine grinding in multiple processes and elegant luster. The streamlined design of the human body fits the clothes better, prevents the shoulder from wrapping, angle and deformation, and better protects the clothes.

Use experience: Chunshui wooden hanger is packed well, with good quality, solid wood texture and just right size. The hanger also has a close groove design, which can hang the underwear sling to avoid being blown off the ground by the strong wind. In addition, the 360 ° rotatable hook body is very flexible and convenient.

2. Chunshui cs-0584 wooden hanger
Product Description: Chunshui cs-0584 wooden hanger is made of solid wood. The hook is made of metal. It can rotate 360 ° at will. It is convenient and durable. It has strong bearing capacity and is firm without deformation. Flow ergonomic flow design, clothing does not deform; there is a non slip U-shaped ridge, which can effectively prevent clothing from falling off, and also can hang small clothing.
Usage experience: Chunshui cs-0584 wooden coat hanger looks very tall, with good quality and good details. It has multi-layer painting process, which is not easy to produce burrs and hurt hands. It can also hang pants, underwear, etc. Besides, it has no peculiar smell, is safe and environmentally friendly, and can be used safely. Plastic hanger, Fujian plastic hanger, Fujian wooden hanger
3. Visitors' wooden hanger
Product Description: the visitors' wooden hanger is made of high-quality lotus wood, which is hard, clear in grain, durable, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. The cross bar of the hanger has anti-skid rubber sleeve, hanging a whole set of clothes, pants and skirts will not slide down easily. The most important thing is that with the protection of anti-skid rubber sleeve, the cross bar is not easy to break.

Use experience: the quality of visitors' wooden hanger is particularly good, the wood is hard enough, the workmanship is tall and fine, there is no burr, so you don't need to worry about scratching the clothes. There are also grooves on both sides of the hanger, which are not easy to slide down when hanging clothes. It is applicable to coats, coats, suits, shirts and other clothes at home, very practical.
4. Spring water wooden coat hanger
Product Description: Fujian wooden hanger is made of natural solid wood, with log texture, fresh and natural, smooth and delicate surface. Hang suspenders and shirts, and the clothes of the whole family can be used. The utility model has a wind proof hook design, and the suspender underwear does not slide; the thickened hook is convenient for hanging and taking, with strong bearing capacity, and is firm and durable. Plastic hanger, Fujian plastic hanger, Fujian wooden hanger
Usage experience: Fujian wooden coat hanger can't wait to be disassembled after receiving the goods. It's very good overall, beautiful in appearance, fine in workmanship, strong and durable in appearance. It's not afraid of deformation when airing the coat and cotton coat at home. The integrated design can effectively save the air hanging space and is convenient and practical.



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