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Jordan sports to listed? After 7 years

Jordan sports meet again.

On April 9, Beijing business daily reporter from China securities regulatory commission website query, to April 4, China securities regulatory commission accepted the ipo and issue depository credentials of enterprises has been 15, during which qiaodan sports is also prominent in the list.

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time qiaodan sports, which came close to going public in 2012, has met.

This is because in the eve of the listing, the United States flying Michael Jordan on the "disputed trademark registration damages its right to name" appeal qiaodan sports, making qiaodan sports listing dream broken. In the seven years since, qiaodan sports has never abandoned the idea of going public: while fighting a lawsuit against Michael Jordan and Nike's Jordan, it is preparing to go public again.

Seven elder distance run, step on the journey of listing

It's important to note that this isn't the first time Jordan sports has met. At the end of November 2011, China's securities regulatory commission was submitted by qiaodan sports starting request. At that time, the industry once thought that qiaodan sports is likely to beat anta and li ning, become China's first landing domestic A share market sports goods enterprises. But on the eve of the ipo, qiaodan sports was terminated by a lawsuit filed by Michael Jordan.

In 2016, qiaodan sports was eager to go public again, but it was always in the queue of enterprises that had not been listed before. Today, Jordan sports finally meet again.

According to China securities regulatory commission listing process, qiaodan sports is facing multiple tests. First of all, after the issuer's ipo request is reviewed by the issuance review committee, the events that may occur before the publication of the prospectus may affect the issuance and listing of this issue and the matters that should be disclosed that have a serious impact on investors' investment decisions. In addition, if it needs to be submitted to the review committee for review from the beginning, the issuer shall implement the internal operation procedures in accordance with the relevant provisions of the post-meeting events.

Prior to the approval of an issue, the issuer and sponsor arrangements shall also promptly submit an underwriting plan for the issue. After sealing the volume and implementing the internal procedures, the approval approval will be issued. After the issuer receives the approved issuance approval, if there is no serious post-meeting event or the post-meeting event procedure has been implemented, it may start the publication of the prospectus in accordance with the relevant provisions. After the end of the review process, the issuance supervision department will draft the continuous supervision opinions according to the review situation, and inform the daily supervision department in writing.

Although, trademark dispute of intellectual property rights in Jordan sports public difficulties, but that is not the most deadly, the biggest impact is certainly on the user experience and user loyalty, air Jordan is a built-in flow IP, but not very good settlement, lead to admit after Jordan infringement in brand communication, product packaging, store image and so on all need for Michael Jordan and to identify the difference.

Many "face", and strive to surround

Since the beginning of this year, qiaodan sports has made changes to its trademarks to try to minimize the problem.

Recently, the reporter visited some qiaodan sports shops and found that the word "qiaodan sports" was gradually reduced and weakened. The LOGO of the products has become not only "basketball players", but also "TEAM", "SHOT", "YOUTH" and other words. There is only a thumb-sized "basketball players" LOGO on the back collar.

A series of changes at qiaodan sports also means it is weakening the label or wants to rip it off. In addition, qiaodan sports also began to sponsor events repeatedly to convey the brand voice.

Qiaodan sports' failure to go public means it has missed its best chance of growth. However, in terms of listed capital premium, it is inevitable to miss the best time to be listed. However, in terms of the growth of enterprises, there is no difference between early and late, and it is also a merit to operate late with heart.

"Slow growth, in the right direction, opportunities still exist. If qiaodan sports can be listed successfully, it will become more obvious later. How much financing will be helpful for him, whether it can let him grow rapidly in the current business environment, there are many variables. Especially in the local brands in anta summit, li ning return, special step gradually have a feeling, and Jordan first gear 361 degrees, peak, bird actually in the mall competition position more and more difficult. "" in the future, qiaodan sports still needs a positive layout from the brand, products, stores, scenes and so on, in order to gain something. Insiders say.

Of course, due to the delay of listing, Jordan lags behind local brands in terms of brand, product, approach, arrangement, operation, supply chain, technology and other transformation, and it needs to pay a higher price to catch up.

In addition to the store image changes, Jordan products are also in the attack changes. On March 21, qiaodan sports held a "quality dry market" activity in chengdu fashion holy land chunxi business circle, which is actually an offline experience for its high-end series -- qiaodan quality dry, and the latest joint product of "uproar in heaven" -- "somersault shoes". This "somersault shoe" from material selection to planning, full of national fashion elements, just like the style of international brands, unexpected changes, also really won the praise all the way.



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