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Jinjiang Chunshui hanger Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, is a set design, development, manufacturing, sorting and other professional modernized large-scale export-oriented enterprises, under the production of various types of hangers, professional design, twenty years of R & D, manufacturing and sales experience. The company has standard garden style production base, in the domestic and foreign each major and medium city established mature combination of production and marketing operation system of brand, export business throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australia, the five continents, the quality of the products get many of the world''''s famous clothing brand identity, become supplier.

Mission: to create more soul, taste, feel warm, full of elegant products, and constantly seek the customer (consumer) demand for quality improvement.

Products goal: to make every product is full of spirituality, reached the national and even global leading level.

Brand positioning: spring water brand is a professional, reliable, value for money choice can provide their own clothes hanger, hanger design development and production of the most advanced solutions.

The core brand: professional, reliable

Brand vision: to become a cross industry Chunshui hanger brand intangible assets, the spring hanger

Brand has become a symbol of the customer (consumer) marks the hearts of the most trustworthy.


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